Editing can be the deal-breaker for your writing project, the main reason it either succeeds or fails. Yes, it’s that important!

Thank you for stopping by my editing page today! Please take some time to check out this page along with my other service pages to learn all the ways I can help you achieve your writing goals. My passion is writing. And although I enjoy it myself, yours is also very important to me. I want to see you succeed!

While writing can be fun and rewarding, virtually all of it will fall far short of the author’s expectations without the addition of solid editing and proofreading. Proper editing will raise and exceed the expectations of both author and reader alike. But the lack of it brings dismal disappointment to both as well.

That doesn’t mean you stop writing and give up. Oh no! You simply bring some great editing on board, then together you and your editor work to enhance your story or message to its fullest.

So often that first draft never gets finished because the author gets caught up in a sticky web of trying to be writer, editor, and proofreader all at the same time. It just doesn’t work. Frustration eventually sets in to the point of stopping the project. This is a sad situation and one that you must not fall into yourself.

It’s all the same, right?

Virtually every writer has some idea of what editing means. But there is great benefit from taking a little deeper look at it, and defining it in narrower terms. For example, I edit a 20-chapter book (being published as a hard copy) differently than a blog post. They differ in what each needs.

Therefore, the answer is, that to some extent they are similar, but for the most part, their editing requirements are quite different. Some of the differences lie in these elements:

  • The audiences differ from project to project
  • Book may have plot, scenes, characters, locations, etc., that need to be checked for accuracy, depth, consistency, and flow
  • Both are written in different styles
  • Blog posts have SEO aspects to be edited for
  • The purpose for each is quite unique

But book editing does not completely transfer over to web content editing without some variables coming into play. It is quite difficult for any writer to be successful as his or her own editor or proofreader. You’re simply too familiar with the content, and you may or may not know exactly what to look for and deal with.

Editing from another person is the best route you can take with your writing project. No matter what it is you are writing, allowing someone else to come alongside you and edit will take you so far down the road in the right direction. And you will learn a great deal from working with an editor as well–a double blessing!

What exactly is it?

There are basically two kinds of editing–copy editing and line editing. Most people probably don’t know the difference between the two. I’m separating them here to show you the different layers an editor looks at and deals with in editing a piece of writing.

Copy Editing

This area is more about the technical side of writing. It deals with

  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax.
  • Consistency in spelling, hyphenation, fonts, capitalization, etc., throughout the work
  • Makes notes of unclear or factually questionable statements

Because of this, I refer to it as the “surface layer” of editing. It becomes the first impression element of any work. Have you ever picked up a book or started to read a web page or post only to be met with misspelled words, poor grammar, fonts difficult to read, etc? What’s your first response? Put it down and back away! It’s uncomfortable to read. That work has fallen victim to a bad first impression.

These are the areas dealt with at this level in order to make your writing look and feel inviting at first look. It’s necessary and very helpful, but it’s not all that your writing needs.

Line Editing

This deeper area pays close attention to the flow of content and how you communicate with your reader. It takes a close look at

  • Your use of language
  • The flow of both language and content
  • Atmosphere or tone conveyed by language choices
  • Is the meaning clear or ambiguous?
  • Does the piece hook the reader right away and hold attention?

This process makes sure the plot is interesting and well-followed. It looks at in-depth development of characters, where applicable, along with settings, scenes, and such. It verifies the continuity of the story or message. This editing keeps the focus sharp throughout the work.

Which editing level is best for your project?

There are three basic levels that most projects fall into. Yours will probably fall into one of these. While none of these is purely cut and dried, they are useful as guidelines in determining the level of editing your piece will need to make it pop.

Level 1: Light

At this level of editing, the focus is mainly on the basic writing mechanics–spelling, grammar, and punctuation. It also addresses minor problems involving syntax and work choice.

Light editing is best-suited to the writer who has a good handle on his/her writing skills and needs a little “clean-up” assistance.

Level 2: Moderate

This level incorporates all the elements of Level 1 and includes some additional enhancements. Specific recommendations are made to bring sharper meaning and consistency to the content, and to make the flow smooth and easy.

Moderate editing is best-suited for those who may be first-time authors or those needing a bit more assistance in stating their material clearly and smoothly.

Level 3: In-depth

Both Levels 1 & 2 are included here, plus a whole lot more. It is very deeply involved in every aspect of the piece. This includes the technical aspects of writing as well as the content, language used, and flow. Every element involved is taken into consideration. Specific recommendations are also made to correct a lack of structure and organization.

In-depth editing is the right choice for those who need extensive help in completing their writing project.

Proofreading included in every editing package

Typos, misspelled words, confusing punctuation, incorrect grammar–these and more are huge distractions from the readability and worth of your writing project. A few of these left scattered throughout and your hard work and great content are noticeably scarred.

Accurate proofing enhances the reading experience, period. It assures the message of your content is being communicated without the distraction of proofing errors. And it presents a professional image.

Proofreading is a part of every editing package offered here and is included in the pricing. I see no purpose to editing without it! So, it is there in the package that you purchase.

If you have a writing project that, for whatever reason, needs only proofreading, I will proof your writing without additional editing. If you need a fresh set of eyes to go through it and make it pop, you’re at the right place!

A custom fit for you

Don’t worry. When the time comes, we will not have an in-depth breakdown of the two types of editing. You will be glad to know that my prices are not directly based on these elements. So why did I bring them up? The answer is simple.

I want you to realize what goes into the editing and proofing of your content or manuscript. If your project is more involved and larger, it may require a deeper level of work on my part than say, a blog post!

My editing services are customized to fit the needs of your project. That means if you want your blog post or web page edited, I will discuss with you exactly what your goals are for that writing. Then I will edit according to your needs. Optimizing for search engines is taken into consideration as well as the both the copy and line editing aspects of your piece.

On the other hand, if your project is a book or eBook, we will discuss your project to decide exactly what is needed to make it the best it can be! All the elements of copy and line editing will again be dealt with, but at the level to ensure the entire piece flows as one.

Therefore, whether a short blog post, a web page, an eBook or a full-length conventional book, I want to make sure you grab your reader immediately and hold that attention all the way through to the end! My editing services work with you to bring out the best in both your writing skills and in the content and message of your writing!

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Ready to publish

When the editing process is completed on your piece, and you are satisfied with your project, it is ready to be published. There’s even help available if you are ready to up your game with your blog or website.

It’s important to know at this point, however, that your piece is completely ready to enter the publishing phase. If you will be working with a conventional publisher or self-publishing through a publishing house, it is usually part of their standard offering to want to edit your manuscript. And of course, there is normally a charge for that!

The good news is that, when you have your work edited through me, you can confidently skip that part of the process with your publisher. And you can save yourself some money, too!

I have edited and ghostwritten books for authors for over 12 years. Therefore, I know what to look for in order to create a good “clean copy.” Regardless of your choice for publishing in the end, your work is ready for that phase when my editing is complete!

Pricing Information

Not all editing projects are the same, as you can see.  Because of the varying skill level of the author, the size and status of the project, along with other pertinent factors, I prefer to quote each project individually. My goal is to provide you with the very best combination of services at a great price. I want to make your project wildly successful for you.

However, I realize that you would probably benefit from some “ball park figures.” I am glad to provide that for you. But even with that, I want you to contact me about your project. Email me to tell me a little about what you’re working on. From that, I will set up a phone call with you to discuss the needs of your project. This initial consultation is no charge to you.

Once we talk and I have a feel for what your project needs, we will come up with a reasonable editing package for your project. On small projects I require 1/2 payment when starting and the balance paid when the project is completed to your satisfaction.

Larger projects (usually books, etc., having more than 40,000 words, require 2/3 payment at the start with the balance paid when the project is completed to your satisfaction. This is because of the longer time frame necessary for completing the project.

Payment is accepted either through my PayPal.me link or by check or money order. This arrangement comes about as we put together your project in the beginning.


Pricing Guidelines

Editing Service



Initial Consultation Discuss project & options Free phone call
Level 1: Light A little “clean-up” help $.01/word, minimum $25
Level 2: Moderate A bit more help $.02/word/minimum $50
Level 3: In-depth Extensive help in every area $.04/word/minimum $75
Proofreading Without editing service $1/page, minimum $25

Thank you & God Bless!