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How to improve writing skills–from good to great, it never happens by accident. Any successful blogger or writer has figured out some good writing practices and put them to work. What about you?

How Would You Answer These Questions?

  • Are you tired of struggling with your writing?
  • Do you have writing projects or just dreams?
  • Can you recognize your writing skills?
  • Does it feel like writer’s block is your constant companion?
  • How easily do you let yourself off the hook?

Keep reading to learn how you can take your writing to a whole new level. It’s going to be simpler than you ever imagined.

Improve Writing Skills #1: Believe in Yourself & Your Writing

You could have the most highly developed writing skills in the world, but they will be useless if you’re missing this one key habit. Yes, you must believe in yourself and in the writing project you are setting out to achieve.

Trust your instincts and passion for your subject matter or niche. Don’t talk yourself out of pursuing your ideas. It can be tempting at times to second guess yourself. Resist the temptation. Instead, believe in yourself and in your ability to write well about your topics.

Improve Writing Skills #2: Be Absolutely Passionate About Your Writing Projects

Although you can probably write about virtually any topic for a while if you had to, that’s not where you shine. Your passion and interest in a topic or niche fuel your creativity in many ways.

Keep yourself on-topic. You will be tempted to run down rabbit trails that pop up in your thinking as you write. That just means you are a creative person!

Remain dialed in during your writing sessions, but allow yourself to read and learn new things along the way, too. This will keep your interest high in your project and still allow your creative side to pursue new things.

Improving Writing Skills #3: Know & Assess Your Skills

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just download the perfect formula for you to use in approaching your writing! If you think that might actually be how writing works, let go of your delusions now. The truth is far different in nature.

If you have watched my free video series, Writing Tips to Bring Your Story to Life, you know that I am a firm believer in the unique qualities we each have. Your uniqueness flows right over into your writing.

From your topic choices to final content and everything in between, your approach to writing is uniquely yours. The savvy writer recognizes this and uses that knowledge to develop a writing practice or regimen that works personally.
No two writers operate in the exact same way. Some write early in the morning, others don’t even start until late at night. One person might have to have coffee or tea or something to snack on nearby while the next writer will sit for hours and never think about food or drink.

In a coffee shop, under a tree in the park, or at the desk or kitchen table, where’s your best place to relax and settle into your writing? Discover what works best for you and stay with it. Don’t feel pressured if someone else thinks you should do this or that, something contrary to the way you roll. Know yourself, acknowledge your skills (and weaknesses), and work from there.

Improve Writing Skills #4: Chop Off The Writer’s Block

Opinions run all over the board on the subject of writer’s block. A web search will bring up so many differing thoughts. The truth is, all of the opinions you find probably have some truth in them.

This is how I think about writer’s block: if you believe in it, it is real and you’ll experience it; if you don’t believe in it, it isn’t real and you’ll not experience it. What does that mean?

If you give thought-space to the idea that you don’t know what to write or don’t know where to start, that thought-space will dry up your creative flow. Remain positive and decide that you are in the flow and staying there. The block will mysteriously leave you alone.

In those instances when writer’s block does pop up to stop you, there are several things you can do to move it out and easily return to your writing.

Easy Ways to Avoid that Stuck Place!

  1. Get up and walk around.
  2. Go get something to drink. Sometimes even a glass of water does wonders on your thinking!
  3. Have a conversation with someone. Get your mind off the stuck place.
  4. Work on a different project for a little while, then return.
  5. Pray about it if you’re a praying person.
  6. Talk to someone about where you are stuck. Brainstorming comes in handy.

You know when the flow of your writing is slowing down. Pay attention to those signals.  Changing up your attitude and how you deal with those dry times make the difference between your writing flowing or stopping in its tracks.

Improve Writing Skills #5: Be Accountable To Yourself For Writing Daily

To be a successful writer, you have to stick with it. Treat it like you would a job or business. There are no real shortcuts to writing productively and well. You just have to do it.

Accountability means that you refuse to live with wimpy excuses for why you’re not writing. Do you think you don’t have the time? The truth is you only have time if you make it a priority.

People often tell me they would love to write a book (or story, or short story, a blog, whatever) if they just had the time. It’s up to you to MAKE the time. A daily writing practice based on either a specific length of time or a word count goal helps move you forward.

Summing It Up

There really is not one set formula every successful writer uses to improve their writing skills. It is the unique tweak of key writing elements that brings individual improvement to each writer.

This link takes you to my free videos. That’s where you’ll find my free 5-part series on Writing Tips To Bring Your Story To Life. You will find a lot of valuable information there.

Thank you for joining me today. I’ll be sharing more on this topic soon.

Thank you & God Bless

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