Self-publishing options abound today. That can be both the good news and the bad news. Navigating these waters is not for the faint of heart. It also isn’t for those who don’t really know much about it.

Long ago in a galaxy far far away…publishing was simply publishing. You attracted the attention of a publishing house. Once that happened, they called most of the shots concerning your book. You might even receive an advance from them so you could write your next book for them to publish.

That conventional avenue is still available today, although it has evolved over time and presents its own set of benchmarks that you, the author, must achieve. This is not always easy, but it is still an excellent means of getting your manuscript into book form.

Self-publishing Overview

Today many other alternatives exist. All of them collectively make up the realm of self-publishing. A few of the options open to you are these:

  1. Working through the self-publishing arm of a conventional publishing house
  2. Publishing online via Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, LuLu, and others
  3. Putting your content out to the public, your closed group, or tribe by publishing to your website or blog.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of self-publishing methods, but it gives you a broad idea of some of the most often used tools for the job.

There are advantages and disadvantages to every option available. What might be a negative to one could easily be a positive to another. For that reason, I don’t list them as such. It takes a look at your specific project to see what best meets its publishing needs.

Very often the options overlap. Think about someone who writes a book. Wisdom might publish that piece as a hard cover book, and an eBook as well. Because of the nature of the material and the makeup of the intended audience, it might also be smart to make it available in audio book form, too.

Other projects are designed to be simply an eBook. Then the decision must be made: how and where will I publish it? It is better to sell it strictly through my own site or place it in Kindle, Nook, or somewhere else?

And then there’s the blogger creating quality content on a regular ongoing basis. Blog posts, if you are planning on building something noticeable with your blog, need to show up on a frequent steady pace. Weekly posting is common. Keeping websites and blogs fresh and active is actually publishing; you are publishing to your site.

Self-publishing Services

As with everything I do here, I want to help you succeed in your writing and publishing endeavors. Your message needs to get out there and be consumed by targeted readers. That’s why we write and publish. When done well, the sales will follow.

Although there are some people who can do their own publishing without assistance, the majority do best with some level of help. That’s where my services come into play.

Many times my publishing assistance is not the sole service I provide for the average project, though it is possible, of course. In most cases it is part of a broader package of services geared toward your complete writing project.

Therefore, I always include publishing thoughts and plans in our free initial consultation about your project. A look from the beginning ensures the best choices later.

Since my experience and expertise are in the realm of self-publishing, I offer several valuable and time-saving services. Whether publishing assistance is your only request from me or if it is part of a larger package, we’ve got you covered.

Manuscript Preparation & Submission Assistance

If you decide to go with the self-publishing arm of a publishing house, this service works with you through the process of preparing your manuscript for submission to the publisher. The publishing company usually requires other elements in addition to the prepared manuscript. These include things such as marketing copy, author bio, excerpt for open sharing, cover design concepts, and more.

There are often many options from the publisher concerning various aspects of your book. You will make decisions about ISBN numbers, distribution channels utilized, hard copy versus eBook or both. There is a publishing contract always. And there is also a final proof copy to approve. Then you sign off and the book goes to press.

Details abound, but none of it is particularly difficult. Because it may be new to  you, it can seem overwhelming. I walk through all of that with you, creating or helping you create any extra items required. Your project is completely organized and prepared for submission.

Depending on the publishing house, you usually have the option of letting their team do all the formatting of your book. Or, as in the case of the company I have worked with regularly, you may submit your manuscript already formatted according to their guidelines. I also can do that formatting for you if you like.

Some projects benefit from a  formatted submission. Others are best left to the publisher’s design team. One of the key advantages to formatting before submission is having a look at what the actual printed copy will look like.

Online Preparation & Publishing

If you decide not to go through a publishing house like we were just talking about, but you want to go straight to the internet, no problem. I can  publish your work there as well.

There are many different places online to publish your eBooks. The main ones I deal with are Amazon (Kindle), Barnes & Noble (Nook), and If you have another option you are thinking about, please feel free to bring it up in the initial consultation. It is likely we can do it for you, too.

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Pricing Information

Amazon (Kindle) Start @ $50
Barnes & Noble (Nook) Start @ $50 Start @ $50
Special Package (all 3 above) Start @ $125
Thru Self-Publishing House
     Submission prep/assistance Start @ $100
     MS format/submission prep Start @ $400


NOTE: These prices do not include actual publishing fees charge by the publishing house. Those will vary by project and author’s goals, but remain in a reasonable range. Marketing options are also available through the publishing house.

A Note About My Prices.

Not all writing projects are the same. Because of the varying skill levels of the author, the size and status of the project, the publishing needs, and other  pertinent factors, devising a click-to-purchase pricing system is nearly impossible. I want you to get the most and best bang for your buck while I make a modest profit to keep me going!

For that reason, I begin each project with that free initial consultation to discuss your project in detail. The prices quoted here represent my best effort at disclosing a “ball-park” figure for you.

I offer custom-fit services to meet the needs of your project. Therefore, EMAIL ME NOW! Let’s discuss your project. The initial consultation and customized quote are free with no obligation.

I want to help you write, publish, and make your writing dream a reality!

Thank you & God Bless!