Patience and the Writer

Patience. Oh no, not that! I hate to talk about patience. It frustrates me just to even think about the word. Besides, I have to write. Don’t bother me, I’m busy!  However, the blank screen stares back at you in the quiet rush of the cooling fan on your computer.[…]


Overwhelm: What’s Lies Beneath for Writers?

Is this ever you? You think about writing something important–a story, blog post, article, book, or whatever. The idea plays in your mind all the time. Excitement builds the more you think about it. And then something odd happens. In your excitement you sit down to actually write that piece.[…]


First Draft: Writing Process Stage 3

First draft. Writing process. Here we go again! I hear you thinking already, and we haven’t even begun! Hang in there and don’t leave me yet. Wisdom and encouragement lie just ahead! There’s no question, really. When you think about a writing project of any kind, you always have to[…]

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