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A Note About Pricing.

Not all writing projects are the same. Because of the varying skill levels of the author, size and status of the project, and other pertinent factors, I quote on each project individually. This gives your project the unique combination of my services it needs to insure the results you want.

Contact me instead if you are interested in advancing your project and we will set up a free phone session to discuss your individual situation. Based on the challenges and needs of your unique project, a quote will be prepared for you.

Writing projects obviously come in all shapes and sizes. They also come in a wide variety of conditions as well! The first step in my process is to take a look and see what you have.

Defining Your Writing Project!

Free Initial Phone Consultation

Anyone who is serious about advancing their writing project and wants to know specifically how I can help them will receive a free phone consultation with me.

This consultation is brief, but informative to both of us. Shortly after this consultation, you will receive a free quote for the services packages I propose for your project. That’s pretty simple! 

Pre-read & Evaluation

I will read what you have currently put together in your project. This can range from reading your jotted notes to reading through your completed draft. At whatever stage your project is in, that’s where we start.

After reading and evaluating your project, you will receive a copy of this written evaluation and a phone follow-up.


The writers of some projects require only the occasional boost or helpful input to keep them on track or to resolve an issue that has arisen in their work. This situation is easily taken care of through a phone or Skype consultation!

If you are comfortable working on your own with just an occasional need for assistance, this is a great way to receive help! (This is different than my offer of coaching, which is a much more deeply involved process.)

Creating Your Writing Project!


When gaps appear in the flow of your content, brainstorming brings fresh ideas and new life to worn-out thought processes! This is a valuable and quick way to break through the barriers that can hold back your project!

You may know that you want to write about a particular topic, but you don’t know where to start. It can be challenging to get an idea transformed into a doable writing project.

There are countless ways brainstorming can help you stay focused and moving forward toward your goal!


It may appear that some people just write on the fly without use of notes or outlines and do just fine. My hat’s off to them!

But for most of you, there is scarcely any tool more valuable than a well-prepared outline for your project. It’s a road map, telling where every turn is. It navigates you smoothly through difficult places. Depending on the size and intent of your project, there can be many difficult places!

Outlining helps you see the path your book, message, story, or blog post is taking. It helps bring continuity and readability to your work. It also makes it simple to track where you are in the work process when you have to leave it then pick it up again later. An outline becomes a writer’s best friend!


If you view writing your own project as a trapeze act, scary or uncertain, then my coaching service is your safety net. My input keeps you on that writing trapeze, steadily moving toward your goals, catching you up from the hard places, and staying with you until the whole project is complete.

You’re doing the work, but you’re never alone. Just knowing that someone is there to help you brings a great sense of confidence! Yes, you CAN do this!

Through this individualized coaching you will learn skills that may be unfamiliar to you, or that you have decided you can’t do. If you are motivated to write for yourself, this coaching can be very helpful to you in many ways.


There are many good reasons to have someone else write your material for you. The list goes on and on, and every reason makes complete sense. A few of the most common ones are:

  • You’re too busy
  • You don’t really want to write
  • You have a great idea or story, but don’t have a clue how to take it any furthe

No matter what the reason, I will write your book for you.

  • I will talk with you and download from your mind everything you want said.
  • The piece will carry your by-line only.
  • I will never tell anyone I wrote it. Telling that information is strictly up to you!
  • I will help you develop your project from beginning to end.
  • The end result is a manuscript or piece of content that well-pleases you and fulfills your vision for it.
  • Finished product is ready for use or publication as needed.

Depending on the size and requirements of your writing project, this service can take a relatively long period of time to complete. This timeframe will be included in the project quote.

Writing is easy and fun!

Refining Your Writing!


Typos, misspelled words, confusing punctuation, incorrect grammar—these and more are huge distractions from the worth of your writing project. A few of these left scattered throughout and your hard work and great content are scarred noticeably.

Excellent proofing enhances the reading experience. It assures the message of your content is being communicated, without the distraction of proofing errors.

Proofreading service is available for any client project. You may enlist this service even for a manuscript that is completed, but still needs that “fresh set of eyes” to go through it and make it pop.


There are basically two kinds of editing—copy editing and line editing. Most people probably don’t know the difference between them.

Copy editing is more about the technical side of writing. It deals with

  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax.
  • Consistency in spelling, hyphenation, fonts, capitalization, etc., throughout the work
  • Makes note of unclear or factually questionable statements

Line editing pays close attention to how you communicate your story. It deals with

  • The language you use
  • The flow of both the language and the content
  • The atmosphere or tone that is conveyed through your language
  • Is the meaning clear or ambiguous?
  • Does the piece grab the reader and hold his/her attention or does it wander?

To keep things simple, I combine elements of the two so you get a lot of bang for the buck. My services, therefore, break down into three categories. One of them is certain to meet the needs of your project.

Light Editing

At this level of editing, the focus is mainly on the basic writing mechanics—spelling, grammar, and punctuation. It also addresses minor problems involving syntax and word choice.

Light editing is best-suited to the writer having a good handle on his/her writing skills and needs a little “clean-up” assistance.

Moderate Editing

This level incorporates all the elements of Light Editing and includes some additional enhancements. Specific recommendations are made to bring sharper meaning and consistency to the content, and to make the flow smooth and easy.

Moderate Editing is best-suited for those who may be first-time authors or those needing a bit more assistance in stating their material clearly and smoothly.

In-depth Editing

This editing includes both Light and Moderate Editing elements and a whole lot more. It is very deeply involved in every aspect of the piece including the technical aspects of writing as well as the content, language used, and flow. Specific recommendations are also made to correct a lack of structure and organization.

In-depth Editing is the right choice for those who need extensive help in completing their writing project.


There are instances where it is helpful to have someone revise or rewrite a segment of your project. It can be a great way to learn how to totally revamp a portion of your writing by watching someone else reform your trouble-spot into something smooth and meaningful!

Let’s publish your masterpiece!

Publish Your Book!

My experience and expertise are in the realm of self-publishing. Therefore, I offer two highly valuable and time-saving services.

Choosing a Self-publishing Option

  • There are many ways to self-publish today. I do not pretend to know about every type or to have access to every publishing company in the marketplace.
  • I do have high quality, professional, and affordable options to share with you.
  • This is an expanding area of my business. Opt-in to my mailing list to receive updates on this and all the other things going on here!

Manuscript Preparation & Submission Assistance

For those who decide to publish with my help, this service will walk alongside you in the process of preparing your manuscript and all the other required elements for publishing. Along with that, I will help you walk out the submission process with the publisher.

You can always do everything totally alone, but with help, the process is much smoother, faster, and less stressful.

Whew! All that to say!

From books to blog posts, children’s stories to web pages, and everything in between, good writing is vital. It always has been. I believe it is even more important today!

Whether your project feels small or large to you, focused online or offline, regardless of what stage it is in, your project is important to you. And it is important to me, too! Let’s do it!

Let me help you!

You have blessed me by reading this far! So now, I want to hear about your project! Click here to share your project and learn how I can help you succeed. This link will direct you to a special contact form. Take a moment to fill it out and give me a little peek into your writing project! I’ll arrange to speak with you quickly. And it’s FREE!

Thank You and God Bless!

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