Writing Podcasts: “The Write Turn” Coming Soon!

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Writing podcasts, seriously? I had no idea two weeks ago that producing a weekly podcast for writers was anywhere in my future, let alone starting in a few short weeks! Does life ever take you by surprise like that?

This all started early last year with a concept I had in mind to bring a form of weekly encouragement to writers. So, I spent all of last year working on my blog–refining things, trying out new things, basically getting my online feet under me. But my idea just didn’t seem to gel until a couple of days ago.

Now that I’m equipped with a plan, some good tools, and a ton of encouragement from people I trust, I’m embarking on quite an adventure deeper into the jungle of helping writers write more, write better, write now! Come with me and take a look!

The Concept: Help Writers Write

It’s a simple concept, really, but not exactly an easy one. Every person who has ever tried to write faces a unique landscape of pitfalls, chasms of self-doubt, and barren deserts of thought-paralysis. It’s different for each one, but it’s there for all.

Because of that, I made a plan to create a special section on my blog to bring weekly encouragement, advice, and tips from my experience of helping writers write. And I smiled on my plan, and all was right with the world.

But then I talked at length with a very good friend of mine. He listened attentively as I shared my concept with him and why I was doing it. I expected him to give me pointers on how and where to place it on my website so it would be easily found and accessed. After all, if your reader can’t find it, it’s not going to do any good.

His answer, however, surprised me. We were on Skype at the time. When I stopped talking (there’s always real value in doing that at some point!), he looked right at me and said, “Turn it into a weekly podcast.”

As he began to explain some of the technical aspects involved and to cast vision for what it could actually accomplish, my mind went from reeling at the idea of podcasting to finally landing on the excitement side of things.

Writing Podcasts: The Write Turn Was Born!

I dropped off the Skype call hours later with my initial concept now fully entrenched in becoming a series of writing podcasts. What is better or more fun than creating a weekly talk about a subject I love?

Now, I’m being quite honest with you. I did a few radio spots a couple of years ago, promoting a local outreach program. And I really did enjoy doing it. So, I’m equating the making of a podcast to doing those radio spots–and more.

I’m sure the learning curve will be “exciting” and entertaining, to say the least! But, I’m already doing things through my blog that I never really thought I would ever do. I keep telling myself that it’s never too late to do what you want to do.

These next few weeks I am furiously creating content of all kinds for you! My passion is to help you write. I meet so many creative people who tell me all about the book or books they say they really want to write. But right on the heels of their vision come all the excuses and justifications for why they can’t do it, at least not now.

The Write Turn is born from encountering this frozen state in people. It’s called The Write Turn because its purpose is to turn you toward your writing. The goal is to get you to pick up your pen, so to speak, and write what’s in your heart.

Writing Podcasts: 3 Pathways in One

These weekly podcasts follow certain related pathways. All three paths are meant to charge you up, empower you to write, answer questions, blow out blockages, and help you achieve your actual writing goals.

Encouragement to Write

It’s a well-known and accepted fact that writers write…every day. It’s the first step to becoming a writer, the first step toward being real with yourself about writing. I don’t think of it in terms of Ugh, I have to write today. Rather, it comes up in me as I get to write today! That’s the truth right there, not just a catchy saying.

In these writing podcasts, one road we go down and explore is getting you to write, getting you to commit to your writing. In doing this, three general areas are covered in all their many aspects.

Honor your creativity.

By making the decision to write daily, you are ultimately honoring the creativity within you. You are allowing it to become an active part of yourself rather than stifling it into silent submission. As a writer you have a voice. Whether that voice speaks in a journal, a blog post, or on a post-it note, it is meant to speak. Honoring your creativity opens many new things for you.

Allow yourself to dream…big!

Life is nothing without a dream. Some of these writing podcasts will deal with this aspect of writing. Yes, dreaming is an aspect of writing. You have to dream it before you write it. We will address this whole dreaming/vision thing and see how it impacts your writing.

Follow your dream.

Of course, you can’t follow a dream if you don’t have a dream to follow. Do you have a desire of any degree to write a book or write a blog? The more energy you put into thinking about it, the more real the dream becomes. Turn it loose in your thoughts. Let your imagination take over for awhile. You used to do this as a kid; it’s called play. It’s a huge step in actually accomplishing that dream.

Developing Practical Writing Habits

There are so many topics to cover under this heading. Many of them, though, fall under these main categories:

  1. Dealing with the “blocks”
  2. Finding the time
  3. Creating the space

These are all areas that, if not properly dealt with, leave you frustrated. They stop you from writing or even caring whether or not you write. But get these parts down well, and you’ve paved the runway for your writing dream to take off finally!

Exploring Specific How-tos of Writing

With so many different kinds of writing that exist, how do you know what is appropriate and effective for your project? Follow along on my writing podcasts! We will take a look–sometimes a deep look–into this.

Fiction writers, non-fiction writers, bloggers, all content creators, in fact, benefit greatly from learning what is appropriate and effective writing for their readership. And while some aspects are the same across all genres, there are specifics that apply to each. We’re going to take this all apart, look at it, and put it back together with your project in mind.

The Write Turn Is Coming!

So, stay with me here, and be on the lookout as these writing podcasts launch in February! I’m very excited about this. Along the way, I will also interview various people who bring great insight and wisdom to our topics. Join me on this journey!

Please subscribe to my blog so you get all the low-down on what’s going on around here! It’s a great year already and we’ve barely just begun!

Thank you & God Bless!


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