Writing services, when applied well, add so much to your book or blog project. Thank you for stopping by this page today to check out what I have available.

The goal of all my services is to help you accomplish your writing goals and dreams. To that end, I place a very high value on relationship and trust with my clients. Working together on a book or blog brings us together in a unique way to reach a common goal.

Defining Your Writing Project

Free initial phone consultation

Determining which writing services are most suited to your project is my first concern. Therefore, I like to begin with an initial consultation. This is a phone conversation, no charge to you, in which we briefly discuss your project. Some of the elements you need to tell me about include:

  • Type of project: blog or website, book, eBook, articles, etc.
  • Estimated word count, if document begun
  • Any deadlines or target dates already set
  • Status of first draft, if begun
  • Goal and purpose of the project
  • Intended audience
  • Publishing decisions  and/or thoughts
  • Most frustrating aspect of the project
  • Easiest aspect of the prospect

The answers to these questions help me design a custom-fit package of writing services to bring your project to life. There are few things more satisfying than seeing your dream become reality!

NOTE: This page describes specific writing services. Learn about Editing and Proofreading Services here. Publishing Services can be explored here. Please read about all of my services as they frequently run together with the writing services laid out here as well.

Project Evaluation

This service is quite useful in determining how to start a new project or how to proceed with what you have created so far. For a minimal fee, I read what you have currently put together. This ranges anywhere from going through your jotted notes with you to reading through a completed draft. Whatever the status of your project, that’s where we start.

After I look it over and/or read your draft, you will receive a copy of my written evaluation. This will be accompanied by a follow-up phone conversation.

This writing service helps you lay a good track for your project. It is designed for those who plan on doing their own writing. This provides helpful guidance for doing the best job possible working on your own.

The evaluation you receive points out the areas of strength and weakness within your project. And it offers doable solutions to solve troubles that are already present or that might come up without a measure of prevention.

This service is most frequently used by those working on a larger project, such as a book. But it also holds merit for those building a blog or website as well.

See below for pricing information.

Consultation Appointment

Sometimes you just need an little boost or a bit of helpful input to keep you on track with your writing. There can be that one issue that arises that you just don’t know how to resolve.  Consultation appointments are designed with you in mind.

Any number of questions or decisions come up as you write. There are times when you just are not sure how to best deal with them. Some of the most common troubles that come up relate to these areas:

  • Defining your targeted audience
  • Brainstorming
  • Outlining
  • Plot creation
  • Flow and readability

The truth is, anything can make this list. Whatever it is that makes you question yourself or that causes you to struggle is fair game. A consultation appointment is the answer to put you right back on track again.

This writing service is easy to set up. Simply contact me and let me know the nature of your issue. I will set a phone appointment time with you so we can talk about it and come up with workable solutions for you.

If you are comfortable working on your own with just an occasional need for assistance, this a great way to receive that help.

NOTE: This is different than the writer coaching service described below.  The consultation appointment deals with specific questions or issues. It is not comprehensive like the coaching is.

See below for pricing.

Writer Coaching

For years I have been approached by people who have a strong desire to write a book, but lack the knowledge to know how to even begin. Others have a good start on their project, but reach a point of overwhelm that stops them in their tracks. There are so many reasons why people end up looking for some help with their writing.

From this array of “everyday” people, each having a great story or book idea, this writer coaching was born. My heart is to help writers at whatever level they feel stuck. This is one of the best ways I have found to do that.

Let’s say that writing your own project is a trapeze act–scary and uncertain. This writing service becomes your safety net. Through its process you learn to stay focused and steadily move toward your goals. You will recover from the difficult places and stay up with your targets.

You set the direction of our sessions. We will work as deep, broad, or laser-focused as you want, at your own pace. You do the writing and the work, but you’re never alone. Just knowing that someone is there to help you brings a great sense of confidence. Yes, you can do this!

Through the individualized coaching, you will learn skills that may be unfamiliar to you. Maybe you have decided for some reason that you just can’t do them. However, if you are motivated to write for yourself, this coaching will help you hone your writing skills and break out of those boxes of impossibility we sometimes build for ourselves.

How does it work?

Getting started with writer coaching is easy, too. All you have to do is drop me an email. As with all my services, we will start with a brief initial phone call. That will give us a good idea where you want to go and the basic areas where you need immediate help.

Then sessions will be set up as you are ready for them. You simply contact me to make an appointment. We can either talk on the phone or meet via Skype. Each session is one hour long.

See below for pricing information.


There are a lot of good reasons to have someone else write for you. Many of my clients are busy in business or ministry; they simply do not have the time required. Others have a great idea, but have no desire to write for themselves.

Whatever motivates your decision to not write your own material, there are several things you need to look at when making your choice of ghost writers. Think in terms of these aspects before you decide:

  1. Must be able to develop a good rapport with each other.
  2. The heart and soul of your message must be clearly stated and followed at all times.
  3. A certain level of vulnerability is required in order to work together.
  4. Honest feedback both directions is vital.
  5. The writer must be able to speak your heart and thoughts in a way that sounds like you!

I definitely want you, as a client, to be satisfied with the work done for you. It is always my desire and goal to bring your project to life, making your dream turn into reality. How do we do this?

Ghostwriting consultation

Again, my plan is simple and easy. We talk! When you are ready to talk about possibly bringing me on a ghost writer for your project, simply drop me an email. That starts the ball rolling.

I will contact you in short order to set up a free phone conversation with you. (Phone or Skype is great.) During that initial consultation, we will discuss your project in good detail. It is a time of getting to know one another a bit. I will ask many questions about your project and get your thoughts on it. And I will share my input back to you as well.

There is no decision required before the phone call is finished. Neither is there pressure from me for you to make a decision immediately afterward. I want you to make up your mind carefully and thoughtfully–even prayerfully, if you are so inclined.

Many times, my future client and I hit it off from the start. Sometimes however, one or both of us are aware that we are just not a good fit. This can be about personalities, subject matter of the project, time constraints–many things can come up. The point is for both parties to wind up being comfortable with each other.

What is involved in ghostwriting?

When you come to me for ghostwriting, I am happy to write for you. The following addresses the key elements you can count on with your project:

  • I will talk with you and download from your mind everything you want included in the piece.
  • The work will carry your by-line only.
  • I will never let anyone know I wrote your piece. (Sharing that information is strictly up to you.)
  • Your project will receive my development assistance from beginning to end.
  • The end result is a manuscript or piece of content that satisfies you and fulfills your vision for it.
  • All editing, revision, and proofreading in included in this service.
  • Your finished product is ready for immediate use or publication as needed.

How do we start?

After our initial phone consultation, I will email you an cost estimate based on your goals and the size and status of your project. Again, there is no pressure for you to make a fast decision. I just want you to have all the information to help you in deciding.

Once you make the decision to take advantage of this ghost writing service, contact me and let me know. This can be either by email or a phone call. We will dial in the financial arrangements and move forward from there.

Depending on the size and requirements of your writing project, ghost writing can take various lengths of time. Obviously, the larger the project, the more time is required.

See below for pricing information.

Whatever services that interests you, the process is the same: EMAIL ME NOW for your free consultation and quote!

Pricing Information

Word Count Ghostwriting Revision/Rewrite
Minimum Maximum Price Range Price Range
1,000 10,000 $100 $1,000 $40 $400
10,000 20,000 $1,000 $2,000 $400 $800
20,000 30,000 $2,000 $3,000 $800 $1,200
30,000 40,000 $3,000 $4,000 $1,200 $1,600
40,000 50,000 $4,000 $5,000 $1,600 $2,000
50,000 Plus $5,000 Plus $2,000 Plus
Blog Post Services
Word Count   Write w/o


Write w/


Minimum Maximum Edit/Proof Only
Up to 500 $25 $50 $75
500 1,000 $25 $50 $75
1,000 1,500 $35 $75 $100
1,500 2,000 $50 $75 $150
2,000 2,500 $70 $100 $175
2,500 3,000 $100 $125 $200
3,000 Plus $125+ $175+ $225+

Thank you & God Bless!