Writing Til The Turkey’s Done! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Writing–it’s what we do. All kinds of writing in all seasons of the year, every month, every week. The daily flow of words rolls forth into blog posts and journals, articles, web pages, book chapters, and more. Words are the currency used to transact ideas to and from others.

What have you done with your word-currency this year? What has your writing accomplished in 2017? Have you honored your creative flow by writing your story, your message, your wisdom?

I ask you these questions, but only after I ask them of myself. That seems only fair. Let’s find your answers. You will be surprised at what you find!

Writing: My First Experience

Words have been a vital part of my life since I was nine or ten years old. My earliest memory around writing was at that age. I was in bed on a Saturday night trying to go to sleep (or trying not to–I was a night owl then, too!), but sleep wouldn’t come.

Finally, I turned on the lamp beside the bed, grabbed my tablet and favorite pen from under my pillow, and settled in to write. Sitting there cross-legged in the middle of my bed, I penned a 10-stanza poem about my awesome God!

I was ecstatic as it flowed up out of my heart onto the page. It felt like the words were alive and took themselves, under their own power, from somewhere inside me out onto the paper in my spiral notebook with the blue cover. I’ve never forgotten it.

The next day being Sunday, I took my notebook journal to Sunday school with me and read my poem to my class. They seemed to like it as I shared it. I closed the blue notebook with a smile on my face and a huge excitement in my heart. Writing hooked me!

My Words Through The Years

That first poem opened the flood gates for decades of writing. Poetry has always been a part of my life. Journaling became second nature to me before I made it to my teens.  Short stories, novellas, plays, poems–I couldn’t write fast enough.

I wrote so much during my college years and into my twenties. And unfortunately, I destroyed much of  that work for purely stupid reasons. I hate to admit it, but back in the days before plastic grocery bags were even used, I burned three large brown paper grocery bags filled with my writings.

Now, decades later, how I wish those bags of creativity were still somewhere in my possession, taking up space! It would be a pleasure to have to sort through them and commit them to computer files. (Personal computers were non-existent at the time.)

Writing and Me Today

Since those early creative days, I went on to write more and more. Thankfully, computer technology came along and was kind to me! I have thousands of digital files filled with my written work. From random ramblings to finessed works, published and yet to be, my life is still all about writing.

Over the past fifteen years, while still writing my own concepts, I have taken on the role of helping others write their own stories or materials. Sometimes I even ghostwrite for them. That is a very interesting and rewarding writing experience!

What has been in my past and is still in present is also remaining in my future. I am taking the next month to re-evaluate my writing projects and develop fresh goals to accomplish in the coming new year.

I know that in the next several months there are eBooks coming out along with a video series to help you write more, write better, write now! I’m very excited about where I’ve been, where I am, and where I am going!

You and Your Writing

Therefore, I invite you to join me on this journey into the new year. What writing project(s) do you have lined up…or need to line up? Come on! Let’s write that thing!

So, when you get stuck or need some serious help (at a very reasonable price, of course) with your writing project, contact me. I want to talk with! Learn about the services I offer here.


I’m writing til the turkey’s done today, then I’m taking time to get really thankful for all the great blessings in my life! You do the same! We’ll meet back here next week!

Thank you & God Bless!


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